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  • The Perfect Ambience for all occasions
  • Available Colours: Warm White, Cool White, Red, Blue, Pink and Purple.
  • Various Lighting Effects: Solid, Twinkle, Fade, Trans and more.
  • Available in Standard and Custom Sizes
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The Twinkle Light Canopy is perfect for creating a warm and sparkling atmosphere and ideal for accentuating venue features like beautiful beams and high ceilings – fairy lights are enduringly popular whatever the wedding style or theme. They work beautifully along walls, pillars, beams, ceilings and outdoors. Ceiling Twinkle light installations are ideal for WOW factor lighting and create an exceptional background for photographers.

Vincent Tent and Event Rentals favour warm white lights for a golden, candlelit glow which is perfect for a romantic atmosphere and flattering to skin tones. We also have ice white lights which make an occasional appearance for winter wonderland events! We design fairy light installations to complement the features of each venue, using the latest technology alongside our specialist experience to deliver canopies that are consistently even, level and make the most of the event space. Canopies should look great from every angle, so they look as good in photographs as they do in person. Every canopy is custom designed to the space – the ideal size, drop, spread and layout will be determined by the venue size, beam spacing, number of beams, height, the venue’s light fittings and any other permanent features in the space. Combining the wedding style with an appreciation of the venue layout gives the best quality outcome for any ceiling installation.

Vincent Event Rentals have special equipment to make the most of available fixing points and we pride ourselves on having the utmost respect for the stunning buildings in which we work. Our fixings are temporary, non-damaging and we’re a trusted supplier to venues which are hundreds of years old.

Lights are available in the following colours: Warm White, Cool White, Red, Blue, Pink or Purple. Lights can be set to remain Solid, Twinkle, Fade , and more.

Please Note Fairy Twinkle Light Canopies do not provide any protection from the natural elements including rain. A Canopy of Lights is achieved by hanging strands of twinkle lights on an open top frame.

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Twinkle Light Canopy Sizes

10×10 Twinkle Light Canopy, 10×15 Twinkle Light Canopy, 10×20 Twinkle Light Canopy, 20×20 Twinkle Light Canopy, 20×30 Twinkle Light Canopy, 30×30 Twinkle Light Canopy, 30×60 Twinkle Light Canopy, 40×40 Twinkle Light Canopy, 40×60 Twinkle Light Canopy