10X20 Canopy


Our heavy duty 10X20 canopy rentals are affordable, easy to use and provide adequate protection from the natural elements including rain, light wind, and harmful UV rays. Unlike our Frame Tent, the canopy is a light duty structure ideal for short term rentals. 

  • Peak height – 11 feet
  • Maximum side height – 7 feet
  • Requires rubber weights or canopy sandbags


Heavy Duty 10X20 Canopy Rentals:

Rent our heavy duty 10X20 canopy and avoid the foot traffic in your home by hosting a memorable event right in the comfort of your backyard. We rent canopies in various sizes to fit in all backyards across the Greater Toronto Area. We can install canopies over decks, patios, grass areas, gardens and much more. Turn your backyard into the perfect venue to celebrate birthday parties, weddings, graduations, baby showers and many other life milestones.