20X40 High Peak Frame Tent


The 20X40 High Peak Frame Tent or (Marquee Tent) uses a metal frame for support and is free standing. It can be set up on most surfaces via stakes or optional concrete weights or water barrels.

  • Clean site lines, no interior poles
  • Adjustable leg heights for irregular surfaces
  • Gutter system allows multiple tents to be joined in a variety of configurations.
  • May be used with or without optional sidewalls

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20X40 High Peak Frame Tent

At Vincent Tent and Event Rentals we carry an extensive selection of frame tents in a number of sizes. Our frame tents are very strong and open with an airy feel and no obstructed views. This maximizes use of interior space. Frame tents are installed and taken down relatively quickly. They are ideal for both long-term and quick events large and small.

Vincent Tent and Event Rentals can install frame tents over decks, patios, grass areas, asphalt, concrete and more. If you are unsure of the appropriate size for your event please give us a call. We would be happy to assist you in selecting a tent for your event!