Pyramid Glass Flame Patio Heater


Rent the outdoor Pyramid Glass Flame Patio Heater with a stylish and uniquely visual flame that dances inside the centrally located quartz glass tube.This patio heater will be the focal point of your outdoor occasion. It provides both Heating and Lighting for your outdoor space.



Be prepared to fall in love with the outdoor Pyramid Glass Flame Patio Heater. This beautiful heater gives your patio an instant romantic feeling. Unlike traditional patio heaters, the mesmerizing column of flames produces warmth across its entire lengths keeping the heat closer to you while you’re sitting rather than only heating the area above your head. It’s unique design is like a piece of art for your yard, It combines form with functionality and will accent any patio with its beautiful lines. The heater features a solid-state push button Igniter, temperature control and utilizes a full sized 20 lb propane tank (not included).

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