Twinkle Lights


  • Our Twinkle Lights can provide the perfect ambiance for all occasions
  • Available Colours: Warm White, Cool White, Red, Blue, Pink and Purple.
  • Twinkle Lights can be installed Indoors or Outdoors
  • Twinkle Light Canopies are a beautiful addition to your Frame Tent Rental. The price list below outlines the additional cost to add Twinkle Lights to your Frame Tent Rental


While nothing will be brighter than you in your wedding dress, planning your day in a tent is a fun way to illuminate your creativity. Many brides are unaware of the dazzling array of Twinkle Lights for a tented event. It’s important to consider which lights you will need for decoration and for functionality, and which lighting options can serve a dual purpose. Depending on the size of the tent, 4-watt string lights can be used for functionally and/or decoration. Twinkle Lights set a gorgeous ambiance and are primarily used as decoration. Wrap them around the center poles and/or string them from the peaks to the sides of the tent for a glittery, glowing effect. So, lighting is important for functionality, but can also greatly enhance the look you are going for.

Let Vincent Tent and Event Rentals help in making your day full of brightness, happiness and memorable.

Additional information

Twinkle Light Canopy Sizes

10×10 Twinkle Light Canopy, 10×15 Twinkle Light Canopy, 10×20 Twinkle Light Canopy, 20×20 Twinkle Light Canopy, 20×30 Twinkle Light Canopy, 20×40 Twinkle Light Canopy, 30×30 Twinkle Light Canopy, 30×60 Twinkle Light Canopy, 40×40 Twinkle Light Canopy, 40×60 Twinkle Light Canopy